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A Listing of Owners of FUJI Sailboats

I have been searching the Internet for other Fuji owners since 1997. Everyone I have talked to seems to view their boat as a strong capable cruiser. If you know of any other FUJI owners, please have them drop me a line. If you are one of the Fuji owners listed below and would like to have additional info about your Fuji posted here, then also please either Register as a Fuji Owner or contact me at Bill Ashenhart. If you have pictures or stories about your boat then I will give you a new website page just for you. We still have lots of room on this site. Conversely, if I have listed you here and you do not wish to be then also contact me and I will remove your name from my listings.

Last Updated January 29,2008

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If you are a Fuji owner or if you know of a Fuji owner who is not listed here, then please send me an email from the main contents page with your information and I will add it in........ Thanks.......

FUJI 32 Owners FUJI 35 Owners
FUJI 36 Owners FUJI 40 Owners FUJI 45 Owners

In the owners listings I have tabulated the boat type, hull number, Owner, normal sailing location and US Coast Guard documentation number for those boats which (a) are USCG documented and (b) where I could obtain it. All of this this information was either given to me by the owners or is in the public domain and is freely available .

Have you ever seen a boat and wondered what it is or who owned it? If it is a US Documented craft and you know either her name and home port or even better the USCG documentation number then the manufacturer and owners name and address as listed with the US Coast Guard can be determined. If the vessel is not documented such as those which are registered only with a state or are owned in a country other than the US, then I don't currently have a method available. But I'm looking! If you know of another method to search out all of those long lost boats and allow them to be added to the listing then please let me know.

The following sites from the National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Coast Guard Port State Information eXchange provide vessel particulars including owner information:

National Marine Fisheries Service:

Vessel Query by Name -This location searches the Coast Guard database and retrieves vessel documentation data using a craft's name.

If you don't know the name then Vessel Query by VIN-Vessel I.D. Number allows the documentation data to be retrieved using acraft's registration number.

US Coast Guard Port State Information eXchange:

PSIX Vessel Query -This location searches the Coast Guard database and retrieves vessel documentation data based on multpile search criteria.

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