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A Listing of Owners of FUJI 32 Sailboats

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Fuji 32
59 Boats found from a reported quantity of 100 built

  Year & Boat Type Hull No. Boat Name Owner/s Cruising Area USCG Document # Remarks or click on highlighted for additional information
'75 Ketch #001 Liberty Richard and Norma Stucchio  Long Island Sound, NY #588798  
  #005 Excalibur Tim Mertinooke Mass Bay Area #572857  
'76 Ketch #007 POCO LOCO Hiroshi Miura Hayama Kanagawa Japan. (near Yokosuka)   Sailing Area - Sagami Bay - Izu Island
'75 Ketch #012 Der Dom Mike Treit Fox Island, Washington #574015 New Owner
  FUJ320150176 Culler Me Gone Stephan Majewski Daytona Beach, Fl    
'76 #017 Talullah Steve Dodson San Francisco #1177911  
'76 #018 Windshadow Greg Hartgraves Lake Washington & Pudget Sound #667547 Now out of documentation
'76 #019 Monsoon Bob Hodson San Francisco #926005  
'77 Ketch FUJ320200476 Tick Tock Patrick Fitzgerald Port Aransas Tx #908486  
  #021 Companion II Companion II John Koerner    
'76 Ketch #022 Ketch 22 David and Rosa Mildes Seattle Wa.    
'76 Ketch FUJ320230476 Raven   Chapel Hill, NC #1052809  
'76 Ketch #023 or #024 Star of the Sea Maurice (Tak) Takahashi Portland, Oregon   Usually day sail on the Columbia river
'76 Ketch FUJ320270476 Web Site for Valhalla Terry Sargent South Pacific #ON602571 Live aboard & cruising the South Pacific. Departed Hawaii on 18 July 1988 on this cruise.. still having fun!
'76 Ketch FUJ320280675 Shadow Ronald Motes   #1167063  
'76 Ketch FUJ320290576 Quiet Moon Hal and Karen Mintun West Coast and Sacramento Delta #580233 We purchased this vessel from Marcus and Cyndi Atkinson after an engine failure and bow/bowsprit damage resulting from a mooring accident. A new auxilary has been installed and bow repairs are being completed. Presently the boat is in Monterey Harbor and will be sailing north to the SF bay area and delta for the winter.
'78 Cutter #032 S/V Sayonara Scott Harney New Orleans, La    
'76 Ketch FUJ320350676 Sea Era Joanne Emory Ocean Side, Ca #1156308  
'76 #037 Amicus Smitty Smith San Diego, Ca    
'76 Ketch #038 Web Site for the Yacht Lilinoe Wes and Cindy Potter Honolulu, Hi #583417  
'76 Ketch #039 Hannah B. Swan Mark Swaine Chatham Ma. #582327  
'76 Ketch FUJ320410976 Sensible Shoes Andrew Murphy Portland OR #966071  
'76 #042 Magrathea Brian Cleverly     Undergoing a total rebuild at The Work Begins
  FUJ320431076 INI Scott Bradley San Francisco, Ca #952434;  
'76 Ketch #44 Tyne Pilot David Ford Lake Union - Seattle Wa    
'77 Ketch #046 Harmony Joel Pier Delaware River, Bay and Atlantic    
'77 Cutter #049 Delphinus Don & Jose Woods Straits of Georgia, Vancouver & British Columbia Canadian Reg 13K94019  
'77 Ketch #50 Vixen Larry and Tracy Peterson Oriental , NC    
'76 Ketch FUJ320510677 Valkyries Charles Roble Jr. Ventura CA #609728  
'77 Cutter FUJ320530777 La Paloma Ron Wood Southern California #600267 Southern California
'77 Ketch FUJ320540777 Mariko II Steve Chiapellone and Kurt Baumgarten Bellingham, WA    
'77 Ketch #55 Avalon Brad Smith Harbor Island, San Diego Ca. #587485  
'77 Sloop #56 Sunshine Jo Lyon and Dee Schumacher Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA    
'76 #60 Lively Robert Sweet New York NY #602568  
'77 #61 Sea Otter Bryanne Rounds Juneau AK #595405  
'77 Ketch FUJ320641077 Harmony Ivan Esquivel Florida #600057  
'77 Sloop Fuj320650977 Wizard Erik Pietsch Lahaina HI #944174  
77' Ketch FUJ320670977 El Viento John Wiley Pacific Canadian Registration
77' Ketch #069 HI DEE HO David and Peggy Keller Gulfcoast #590482 Purchased boat from Jay Golden,Biloxi, Ms. in Oct. 08
'77 Ketch FUJ320701177 Fiona Don Kyle/Penny Dewind Berkeley, CA CA State CF4854GT  
'76 Cutter FUJ320711077 Pangaea Michael Love Pacific Northwest #1022868  
'77 Cutter FUJ320721177 Espiritu Santo James Wright Southern Calif CA State CF0626-GH  
'77 Ketch FUJ320731277 Logan's Run Dave & Lesa Russell Puget Sound #905008  
'78 Cutter FUJ320760378 Blue Fantasy Kit Goodrick Borneo and Southeast Asia 1053818 Has been sold to new owner
'78 Ketch FUJ320820678 Heliotrope Jim Nies North Channel of Lake Huron #604919  
'76 Ketch #83 Kisaragi Gen Oshika     Japanese Boat
'76 Cutter #84 Carey Ann Bob Gill Seattle Wa #598736 Seward, Alaska, heading for Kodiak Island. On out the Aleutians in '08, then on to Japan
'78 Ketch FUJ320870978 Roriki Deb and Jim Custer Pacific NW/South Pacific #1170060 Purchased 8/08. Former 'SeaBug', 'GammelDansk' and 'Tsunami'
'76 Ketch FUJ320880378 Escape Beth Lanie Seattle, Wa #652628 For Sale
'77 Ketch Hull #100 - FUJ320570777 Note: Discrepency between Hull #100 and the Hull Serial number of #057 Angel Fire Craig and Jan Olsen Portland, Oregon #585562 Columbia River and Offshore-Oregon to Canada, BC

I have not been able to determine the hull number for the following FUJI 32 boats

    Lion Of Narnia Michael deBolt Dallas Tx #677393  
      Bob Hunt      
      Masaaki Nakano Osaka, Japan    
'76 Ketch   Delphanidae Kevin Garthwaite Florida Keys #586505 formerly Night Fall/td>
'77 Ketch   September Song James R Ballard Sr Jacksonville, NC #586949  
'76   Symphony Joel Tuttle San Francisco, Ca #583523  
    Sea Gull Mr. Teruyuki Nomura Otaru, Japan    
    Sunrise     WN3252LJ No Other Info
'75   Kahlipi   Seattle    
'75   Windrose   San Francisco, Ca    

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